August 7, 2021 in Denver, CO at Lost Lake. 16+, $12. Tickets


Past shows

2/28/2020 in Denver, CO at Lost Lake with Modern Leisure, Ashley Koett

1/10/2020 in Denver, CO at Broadway Roxy with Whiskey Autumn, Hello Mountain

10/26/19 in Colorado Springs, CO at Lulu’s Downstairs with Jade Vases, Daniel James Eaton

8/23 ALBUM RELEASE SHOW at hi-dive with Whiskey Autumn and Spirettes

7/26-28 at Underground Music Showcase with Chicano Batman, Empress Of, Black Mountain, Gardens & Villa, + 100s more of Denver’s most lovable cuddly musicians

7/6/19 at Lion’s Lair with Hello Mountain, Andrea & Mud

5/17/19 at Lion’s Lair with Bud Bronson and the Good Timers + Slynger

10/21/18 @ Bang Up to the Elephant (Eddie solo show) w/ Lela Roy (of Oxeye Daisy). Free. 3:30 pm matinee show!

7/23/2018 @ Noah’s house w/ Montropo, Turvy Organ

4/5/2018 @ Bang Up to the Elephant w/ Montropo

2/17/2018 @ BarFly Denver w/ Vic N the Narwhals, Boat Drinks

2/3/2018 @ Squire Lounge w/ Turvy Organ, Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Bear and the Beasts

1/5/2017 @ Syntax Physic Opera w/ Beauty and the Ghost, Turvy Organ.

11/9/2017 @ Mesa Haus (Colorado Springs) with High Ghostly, Randall Sena (CA)

10/26/2017 @ hi-dive with Bear and the Beasts

10/6/2017 @ Curtis Club with Oxeye Daisy

9/15/2017 @ Lions Lair with Sun Blood Stories (Boise, ID), Serpentfoot (Fort Collins, CO)

8/17/2017 @ Larimer Lounge with Card Catalog, Quantum Creep, Boat Drinks

7/14/2017 @ Lions Lair with Hello Mountain, Sangria Mafia